Why us

Medical Specialist Treatment

The physicians working with us are long-standing and experienced specialists. This ensures the highest quality and maximum safety. Our team of doctors has been personally selected by our Medical Director and expert panel. Only the best doctors in their field find a place with us. 

Radiological Review

Every diagnosis and MRI image is assessed by our in-house radiologists. The radiology review board consists of experienced musculoskeletal radiologists who are particularly trained. 


We use ultrasound-guided injection of stem cells when specific anatomical conditions prevail. For this, we use particularly high-resolution ultrasound devices of the latest generation. 

Certified Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff is highly experienced. All nursing staff is certified and has been or is currently working in elevated medical care positions. 

Dedicated Procedure Room

Procedures take place in our dedicated procedure room under sterile conditions. This ensures the highest quality and maximum safety. 

Regular Follow-up

For quality control, we conduct a follow-up. This means all patients are in close contact with us even after the treatment, and there is monitoring of the treatment's success. 

Avancell Laboratory

All examinations and developments take place in our treatment centers in our internal laboratory area. 

Osteoarthritis Rapid Test

We have the ability to determine the risk of osteoarthritis through a simple blood test. This test was developed by Avancell and is used by us. 

Avancell Physiotherapy

Our in-house physiotherapists and chiropractors take care of our patients in our treatment centers before and after treatment - optionally also digitally, upon request.