The initial consultation is free of charge.

  • Specialist consultation€ 200
  • Follow-up consultation€ 150
  • Avancell Arthrose Screening€ 250

Our proprietary Avancell Joint Repair treatments.

We will create your personalized treatment plan on the basis of your MRI findings and preliminary examination. Costs may vary. If you cancel an appointment, we ask that you notify us 24 hours before the agreed appointment, otherwise we will have to invoice you for this.

  • I

    Mild cartilage damage

    (Osteoarthritis Grade I–II)

    ab€ 1900
    Ratenzahlung möglich
  • II

    Moderate cartilage damage

    (Osteoarthritis Grade III)

    ab€ 3500
    Ratenzahlung möglich
  • III

    Severe cartilage damage

    (Osteoarthritis Grade IV)

    ab€ 4500
    Ratenzahlung möglich