Preserving your joint

Joints wear out. This is a natural process. Modern medicine, however, provides strategies for slowing down this aging process and alleviating its symptoms. Avancell Joint Repair aims to preserve and regenerate cartilage tissue and to eliminate pain. This enhances quality of life and maintains athletic performance. The goal is to avoid the immediate replacement of a joint with a prosthesis and to preserve this natural joint for as long as possible.

Avancell Joint Repair treatments are individually tailored to address your symptoms and the severity of your cartilage damage. All treatments are minimally invasive and based on effective methods from regenerative medicine, including the use of autologous stem cells from adipose tissue or bone marrow, radiofrequency ablation, and shockwave or PRP therapy. Learn more about our treatments



Many of our patients experience knee issues. The knee is a complex joint that is permanently subject to mechanical stress. Cartilage wear in the knee joint is very common and often results from a combination of cartilage aging, mechanical damage, and cartilage nutrition disorders. As we understand our patients’ desire to preserve their knees for as long as possible, we strive to meet this demand using the methods of regenerative medicine.

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Cartilage wear often affects the hip joint. Many patients are led to believe that joint replacement is the only solution. However, by using methods from regenerative medicine and targeted, selective pain elimination, we can often preserve the natural joint and avoid any need for hip replacement.

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Back pain is a widespread ailment. Patients affected by back pain suffer significantly and have often undergone a journey involving multiple doctors and therapies. In many cases, persistent or recurring pain affects them not only physically but also psychologically. Patients often take pain medication for years, and the side effects can be noticeable. By using minimally invasive methods from regenerative medicine, we are able to target pain with great precision.

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Other Joints

We can also help with other joints, such as the ankle, the shoulder, or the saddle joint in the thumb (rhizarthrosis). Minimally invasive, gentle, and performed without surgery: Our measures for preserving joints are modern and scientifically proven.

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