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Preserving your joint using state-of-the-art therapies

Avancell Joint Repair - the medical background

About us

Preserving your joint and improving your quality of life is our main goal. We work to achieve this every day, conducting research and developing special treatment processes that are tailored to meet your needs. In doing so, we combine the best methods for preserving joints and restoring cartilage: This is Avancell Joint Repair.

Why us

Specialized knowledge and strict quality standards


I already have a knee prosthesis and was supposed to get one on the other knee as well. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the first prosthesis, I opted for the Avancell treatment. Everything worked out perfectly and now I’m very satisfied.

Gabriele O.
62 years, Vienna

Even during the free initial consultation, everything is explained and presented realistically. After the treatment, I still feel occasional discomfort in the knee, but the pain itself has gone.

Katharina F.
65 years, Salzburg

Here, you get all the details: expectations, limitations, and everything about the treatment. I would do it again at any time.

Sandra R.
59 years, Vienna

I can resume my activities again. Before the treatment, I could hardly walk normally. Thank you!

David L.
61 years, Munich